Recruitment tools that make HR easier

Recruitment tools that make HR easier

We all started working remotely so quickly that we barely had time to think. There are, however, a number of tools that make HR easier whilst we work remotely. Recruitment tools have been available for sometime. Applicant tracking systems work equally well whether used remotely or in the office. Some recruitment consultants work totally remotely and did so even before the Lockdown. Even if you are not recruiting right now, it’s worth investigating tracking systems now, so that you can get ready for when you do. Make sure your chosen provider can give you all the functions you need: making changes later may cost you more.

It’s not just about recruitment tools

Video conferencing facilities have really come into their own since Lockdown. They are likely to replace a great deal of travel going forward. Microsoft Teams not only allows you to video conference, but you can also collaborate on files and update them simultaneously. There are other online file sharing facilities too, examples include Google Docs, Dropbox, and others. With businesses all working remotely, many online tools have been invaluable.

Online reference checking

It’s easy to check candidate references using an online checker. Most providers will allow you to have a free trial before signing up. Just make sure the system you use asks all the questions you need answered and that you can tailor it for different roles. The main benefit is saving your business time but being fully automated, secure and confidential are also important.

What should you ask in a candidate reference?

The absolute minimum you should be looking for is confirmation of the dates of employment and what the job was. If the referee will tell you whether they’d re-employ, that’s a bonus. Whatever information you are given, the ex-employer should be able to justify it.

What else apart from recruitment tools?

Don’t stop at recruitment-linked tools. Think about the other things you needed when you were working in the office and what you need now. The current situation has forced us to adapt our processes and in many cases for the better.

17th June 2020

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