The benefits of automating HR workflows

The benefits of automating HR workflows

Those who work in HR have long praised the day that someone introduced the HRIS that allowed the set up of a workflow. These workflows are especially useful in activities that are large scale and repetitive. The good new is that they are becoming more sophisticated and can be used in more activities. By automating HR workflows and using the right technology your business can be much more efficient.

Workflows are basic recruitment tools

The obvious place for workflows is in recruitment, when there is a great deal of repetition. Many employers don’t inform candidates that they have not been selected for interview. This is a mistake; it’s demoralising for candidates and doesn’t give them a good opinion of your organisation. That is the last thing you want, especially when it so easy to do when you have the workflow correctly configured. Even if a candidate isn’t right for this particular role, you may want them to apply at a later date.

Workflows also make the rest of the recruitment process far more efficient and faster. It’s easy to notify candidates who are proceeding through the recruitment process as to what is happening and the stage they have reached. Anything that makes a process more efficient also creates a better impression of your organisation. Candidates appreciate being kept up to date about their application. What’s more, using an automated system reduces the chance of error. It’s too easy to over-write an email manually and forget to change one or more of the details.

Automating HR workflows for reference checking

With a correctly configured workflow and the right technology, you can send out your reference requests and any associated forms at the press of a button. You can now fully automate the entire process of reference checking - if you have the right software.

It’s not just the outgoing references that are made easier by workflows, they make it far more efficient to respond to reference requests. You can send a standard reference every time.

Are they just recruitment tools for candidate reference checking?

Absolutely not. Workflows can be used for many other processes such as sickness management or change of personal details. Many employers use them for training invitations and as reminders for ongoing activities. You can even use them as part of regular staff newsletters if you so choose.

If you are not yet using workflows for your HR processes, it’s definitely worth investigating. By automating HR workflows, you are not just reducing the risk of errors; you are also freeing up valuable HR time so that your team can be more proactive with the things that really matter. Things such as EDI, health and wellbeing.

15th July 2020

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